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Now for the news. Our top story is Brittney Griner. She played in her first home regular season game just yesterday. In politics. What city has the most LGBTQ representation on its city council? Do you know? That’s right, it’s Chicago. I was there to witness them being sworn in and I want to share […]

Now for the news. Brittney Griner played in her first game in 572 days. We celebrate Mineestoa as they protect LGBTQ rights. More anti-trans shenanigans in Florida to get into. A Texas lesbian bar is refused insurance coverage and Janelle Monae’s Lipstick Lover video got me body tingling. Let’s go!  00:00 – Welcome & Intro […]

Now for the news. Brittney Griner is writing a memoir about her wrongful detainment in Russia. Another Black trans woman is murdered this time in Atlanta. Equality Florida issues a travel advisory against Florida. The Transgender Film Center partners with Netflix on a film & TV career accelerator and you need to watch Durand’s Tiny […]

Now for the news. The Queer News for today is that I’m sick. I’ve caught some weird stomach bug and I’ve been up and down all weekend. It’s been rough but I didn’t want to go a week without dropping something on the feed. So, let’s go! 00:00 – Black HIV in the South: How […]

Now for the news. Britney Griner was wrongfully detained for 294 days. Now she’s home. I’ve been waiting to make the “Brittney is on her way home” video for so long. It just felt like it was never going to come. So often, we don’t have the happy ending. So often we are left with […]