Anna DeShawn believes we have a mandate to give back to those who give to us. Nine years ago Anna, Founder/CEO of E3 Radio, decided to live into that by celebrating her 30th birthday by launching an annual benefit to support her favorite nonprofits. Over the years E3 Radio has donated over $10,000 to various organizations in the Chicagoland area.

The Purple Tie Affair: Concert & Silent Auction is special because we intentionally give back to the small organizations who make big impacts. We showcase musical artists, drag performers and one of kind silent auction items.

This year we are excited to give back to the Chicago Therapy Collective. Learn more about them below and on their official website,

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2020 PTA Review

About Chicago Therapy Collective

Chicago Therapy Collective (CTC) promotes city-wide accountability and action to alleviate LGBTQIA health disparities and advance our collective health and wellbeing through education, therapy, advocacy and the arts.

Their flagship campaign, Trans-Inclusive Chicago, focuses on uplifting Trans communities and challenges Chicago organizations to Get Trained, Get Feedback and Hire Trans Now.

CTC’s mission is rooted in the intimate awareness apparent in therapy and other disciplines that the mental health struggles of LGBTQIA people, especially QTBIPOC (Queer Trans Black Indigenous People of Color), are the result of systemic, intersecting injustices that need attention beyond the therapy room and within the relationships, organizations and communities to which those QTBIPOC community members belong.

Since 2018, CTC has produced numerous art exhibitions, performance and storytelling nights, direct action and advocacy events, and tailored training and consultations that center the leadership and lived experiences of QTBIPOC community members. To inspire collective, cross-community engagement and action, CTC encourages neighbors, coworkers, friends and loved ones to join the Collective and support collective efforts in building a more safe, just and inclusive Chicago for QTBIPOC communities