The Life Lab is a bi-monthly radio show that empowers listeners to be the best version of themselves. Through reframing problems into challenges that can be met, co-hosts Jace and Lex examine personal-social connections, give holistic tips and strategies and promote self care and positive change. Each episodes features words of wisdom from a special guest that on a journey of their own making!

Jace is a personal trainer, community fundraiser and youth empowerment specialist who loves seeing the internal transformation that comes from people taking their health and well-being to the next level.

Lex is a social justice advocate, media writer/producer and emotional healer who loves supporting people to be their best, most authentic selves and live the life of their dreams


Tonights Show

In the midst of mass shootings across the nation, repeated acts of police violence against unarmed people of color, sustained rates of sexual violence and rape, with LGBTQ people experiencing disproportionate rates of sexual violence, this can all weigh so heavy on us from the moment we wake up in the morning if we were even able to sleep. Which brings us to the question: How do we cope when “safety” doesn’t seem exist? How do we stay grounded and loving when have anger and fear? What does a path of peace look like in a time of violence and war?


The Life Lab: Episode 17 “Coping With Violence” How Do We Walk Through It.

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