Former Netflix Employees Find Some Closure After Fallout from the Dave Chappelle Special, Trace Lysette tells Miriam Rivera’s Story in a New Podcast & Lil Nas X is nominated for 5 Grammys – Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Our trans fam at Netflix drop their federal labor complaint, Miriam Rivera was the first trans reality star and her story is being told by Trace Lysette in an upcoming podcast and Lil Nas X tweets all about his 5 Grammy nominations and gets the people hot.

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Our first story for today an update on the saga that has been Netflix after airing the Dave Chappelle comedy special, “The Closer.” LGBTQ Netflix employees & their comrades protested and raised a lot of really good trouble after it dropped. One of the pieces of that good trouble were Netflix employees filing a federal labor complaint against Netflix. Well two of the transgender Netlifx employees have dropped the complaint they filed and Terra Field announced her resignation from the company on Twitter. The other employee B. was terminated at the beginning of all this mess under what I believe to be false pretences. Now Netflix has issued a statement saying, “We have resolved our differences in a way that acknowledges the erosion of trust on both sides and, we hope, enables everyone to move on.” We of course don’t know the terms they agreed to drop the complaint but you can read Terra’s resignation letter on Twitter. She goes on to say, “This isn’t how I thought things would end, but I am relieved to have closure … Last week, B. had their son. They are both happy and healthy, and for me that is the note that I’d like this chapter of my life to end on. I want to focus on the joy, not the heartache.” Family, as I’ve said before, “The Closer” was transphobic trash. We are living in a time where anti-trans rhetoric is amplified not just inside the walls of the state legislature but in the media as well. This special and the subsequent social media diatribe of hate and misinformation was disgusting. Now if you haven’t seen my response to the Dave Chappelle comedy special check it out on my TikTok

Now, do you all remember the 2004 reality show “There’s Something About Miriam?” I didn’t and I’m not sure what I was doing in 2004 but neither this show or this story was on my radar. Well it was like the Bachelorette; a woman has a troth of men to choose from who are fighting for her love. This one had a twist though, Miriam Rivera was a trans woman and none of the men were aware. Y’all. Producers made it clear that she wasn’t to disclose until the finale. This is after many dates, intimate interactions, all the things. Thirst trapping for ratings led these producers & production company to lose any moral or ethical conscience. Well as you can imagine that disclosure didn’t go well and the men involved filed personal injury lawsuits against the production company and tried to get the show from ever seeing the light of day. It didn’t work and the show aired anyway on the UK’s Sky1. Miriam Riveria was a beautiful model and an ambitious woman who wanted to be a star. Now Trace Lysette is bringing the first transgender reality TV star’s story back to life in a new six-part podcast series titled “Harsh Reality.” It premieres on November 29th but you can listen to the trailer today. I tuned in and it’s going to be really good.  Lysette says, “Like many trans women from the 90s era and before, Miriam was a woman ahead of her time; a diamond in the rough that the world couldn’t appreciate in the way she deserved.”She goes on to say, “I had the pleasure of knowing Miriam through NYC nightlife and the ballroom scene. She was a part of the House of Xtravaganza when I was earning my stripes in the House of Angel in the early 00’s. She was always kind to me and I feel honored to help bring this podcast about her life to the listeners. I hope she can finally be celebrated and appreciated for the pioneer that she was.” Big ups to Trace and the Wondery team for telling Miriam’s story. This is what I believe the media should be about. Telling the stories that deserve to be heard. 

Our last story for today is about Lil Nas X. This time he went in on Twitter celebrating his 5 Grammy nominations. He’s nominated for Best Melodic Rap Performance for Industry Baby, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year & Best Music Video for Montero (Call Me By Your Name). The album is lit and for anyone who listened knows that to be true. Me & Carter our producer dropped our favorites from the album on IG Live a couple months back. Definitely go check it out but I digress. Now Twitter was litty after Lil Nas X got word of the album of the year nomination because he tweeted, “MONTERO NOMINATED FOR ALBUM OF THE YEAR AT THE GRAMMYS !! I’M GONNA FUCKIN CUM IN MY PANTSSS HOLY SHIT.” *laughs* Lordt. Folks couldn’t help but go in on that one. Someone actually replied to the tweet and asked how much for the pants. My word. I’m happy for him & so proud of the work he’s doing. How he’s presenting himself and holding down the gay agenda. I’m here for it & I’m here for all of the Queer artists nominated this year; Dojo Cat, Arlo Parks, Lady Gaga to name a few. 

We always close out every podcast with a word of the day. Ya’ll know Anna’s got a word. Today’s word is be grateful. Child, we are on the eve of a holiday rooted & steeped in the evil that founded this country. That absolutely has to be acknowledged. It’s challenging for me to sit in that while still being very aware of my very personal relationship with the holiday. Tomorrow is a day I grew up anticipating because my mother put all her love into every single  detail. I also dreaded it because I knew I’d be dusting and cleaning until there was no more pledge in the bottle. Today, it’s tough because my mother suffers from dementia and my sister & I host now as the tradition has been passed on to us. Now I’m holding all of that & there is still space to be grateful. Not just on tomorrow but every single day. Family, there is something even if it feels like the size of a mustard seed to be grateful for. Focus on that in the midst of your own sadness or grief. Sit in the mustard seed of good and be grateful. Till tomorrow family, peace.


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Former Netflix Employees Find Some Closure After Fallout from the Dave Chappelle Special, Trace Lysette tells Miriam Rivera’s Story in a New Podcast & Lil Nas X is nominated for 5 Grammys – Wednesday, November 24, 2021

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