After two years, the criminal trial for Jussie Smollet is set to begin this week in Chicago. The 2021 Fashion Awards in London kicked off with Billy Porter setting the red carpet on fire. VideoOut partners with Google and drops a new LGBTQIA+ glossary. It provides more than just terms; it’s history and context too.

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Jussie Smollet is our leading story today. You may remember in 2019 it was reported that Smollet was the victim of a hate crime here in Chicago. That report was dragged through the media, the court system, a political war between the then mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, and let us not forget the court of public opinion. The Osundairo brothers accused of committing the hate crime claim Smollet put them up to staging this attack for $3,500 dollars. They claim Smollet faked the attack to receive more money for his appearances on Empire. In February 2002, a grand jury in Cook County indicted Smollett on six felony charges of disorderly conduct for allegedly making four false resorts to Chicago Police. Well this week marks the beginning of the criminal trial of Smollet. He’s held firm that the attack was real and the only money paid to the Osundairo brothers was for personal training services. It’s not clear if Smollet will take the stand in his own defense. If he is found guilty he could face up to three years in jail but considering he doesn’t have a criminal past the experts say he’d most likely receive probation. We will continue to follow the story and report on any new updates. 

Our next story for today, London was shining bright last night at the 2021 Fashion Awards. The event was hosted by one of our favorites, Billy Porter, and he had the most dramatic entrance of the night. Dressed in a black and silver gown which blinged from top to bottom and black platform-heeled boots you couldn’t tell him nothing on that red carpet. He was accompanied by dancers who twirled and rolled and did splits ahead of his entrance. They were dressed in floral printed PVC outfits all designed by Richard Quinn. The event features the creme de la creme of the fashion world and during the night they honored Virgil Abloah as well. The fashion icon who recently made his earthly transition after battling a rare form of cancer for two years. Virgil’s impact on fashion and hip hop culture will reverberate for decades and decades to come. 

Our last story for today is about the new LGBTQIA+ Glossary which was born out of the LGBTQIA+ Language and Media Literacy Program by VideoOut. They partnered with the Google News Initiative, Men’s Health magazine, & Polygraph to produce this interactive glossary which they hope will transform the way journalists – and all of us – write and talk about LGBTQIA+ people. The project fumbled at the start by not including bisexual or pansexual in their list of terms. That was not a good look but they quickly rectified that misstep. This glossary is more than a glossary though. After reviewing, it’s a blend of history, context, and definition. There are terms that center gender, sexuality, life at the intersections of race/sexuality, and BDSM as well. I say check it out when you have a moment as you might just learn something too. 

Now today’s word of the day is seize the moment. I know a lot of people who have experienced loss over the last couple of weeks. Death is not something you can ever truly be ready for but these recent losses have seemingly come out of nowhere. We don’t know the day or time, right? Here today, gone today rite. Well family, seize the moment. Your moment. Every moment. Don’t live this life with any regrets. When it’s time for you to take that eternal rest you will want the comfort in knowing that you’ve done all you came here to do. Seize the moment family. Till tomorrow, peace. 


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