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00:00 – Welcome & Intro

00:30 – The Qube sponsored Ad

01:51 – Jussie Smollett Trial Update

02:25 – COVID Update

02:54 – Liliana Bakhtiari wins Atlanta city council seat as an out Queer non-binary Muslim 

04:13 – NFL athletes give back to LGBTQ organizations 

05:43 – Anna’s Got a Word

Closing arguments and deliberations begin today in the Jussie Smollett trial. COVID is back but we know it never really left. Non-binary city council candidate Liliana Bakhtiari wins a historic political victory in Atlanta. A few NFL players give back to LGBTQ organizations during the “My Cause My Cleats” weekend.

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The Jussie Smollett trial is set to end this week as closing arguments and deliberations begin today. The prosecution maintains that Jussie Smollett and the Osundairo brothers worked together to “fake the attack.” The defense maintains Jussie was a victim of a hate crime and the Osundairo brothers were homophobic and looking for a quick payday. I will save my opinion piece until after the verdict but whats your take? Do you think this was a real attack? Do you think it was a hoax? Drop a voice note or comment on the story’s page. We will continue to report on this story as it unfolds. 

COVID is back in the news and the numbers are on rise as the US is averaging more than 100,000 new cases a day. This is a threshold not seen in the last two months and of course our holiday gatherings didn’t help. Omicron is making its way across the US so as the holiday season continues family continue to be safe out here. Keep your mask on and the hand sanitizer close. 

We are sending a big congratulations to Liliana Bakhtiari who won their run-off election to sit on the city council representing the 5th district in Atlanta . This is a big deal as Liliana identifies as non-binary, who uses “she” and “they” pronouns, and is the first to serve in Atlanta. In addition, they are also the first Queer Muslim elected official in the state of Georgia’s history, and the second Iranian-American serving on the Atlanta City Council. Liliana is breaking all types of ceilings, okay. Back in October they did an interview with LGBTQ Nation and said, “I didn’t come out to myself until I was 23, but I knew I was different when I was in preschool. The idea of being able to be elected and getting to be my whole self is never something I thought would be celebrated.” Well two months later they are delivering an acceptance speech. They said, “We have our work cut out for us, and I am honored to have the opportunity to address the pressing issues facing our city.” “I am truly humbled by this immense honor, and hope to make Southeast Atlanta proud as our next Councilmember for Atlanta City Council District 5. Now let’s get to work!” Congratulations Liliana and we are excited to see what you do for the city of Atlanta. 

Our last story for today is about the NLF initiative “My Cause My Cleats.” This past weekend you may have noticed while watching the g ame(s) that players had on some freshly designed cleats or maybe you didn’t. Either way the initiative allows players in the league to wear cleats outside of the uniform-mandated norm to support a non-profit or charitable organization they support. Dope, rite?! This year a couple of players have actually chosen LGBTQ specific orgniazations and other LGBTQ adjacent orgs as well. Carl Nassib, do you all remember his story? He came out in June and is now the first out and active NFL player in league history. His cleats supported the Trevor Project and they will most likely be auctioned off to raise additional money for the organization. Johnny Stanton selected Athlete Ally as the cause for his cleats. Stanton chose this cause because of a closeted uncle and nearly Olympic swimmer, Patrick Stanton, that he wanted to honor because as he said, “He never felt comfortable enough to come out while he was swimming… [and] I don’t want the athletes coming out today to feel like they can’t be themselves.” Other athletes supported LGBTQ adjected organizations as well such as, the Born This Way foundation founded by Lady Gaga, STOMP OUT Bullying, and Anti Bullying Pro. I’m a fan of this initiative and so proud these athletes have the courage to wear rainbows on their feet on such a large national stage. 

As always we close out with our word of the day. Our word today is grace. Grace is an action word you can give and receive it. We all need it sometimes and sometimes we have to give it to others. I say, take the deep breaths needed to move past the challenging moments of the day and give yourself some grace. None of us are perfect so don’t put that pressure on yourself or others. Give and receive grace when needed. It will help release the burden. Till tomorrow family, peace. 


LGBTQ Nation

Multiple NFL players are supporting LGBTQ-friendly causes on the field this weekend

Liliana Bakhtiari becomes first non-binary official elected in Atlanta

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