Grandma was harrasing her gay neighbors until she forced them to move, Lil Nas X drops some jokes about having COVID after he dropped from the Capital FM “Jingle Ball” concert tour & Aluna Francis is celebrating dance music while centering Black people’s role in the origination of the genre with a music festival in 2022. 

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00:00 – Welcome & Intro

00:24 – The Kaya Kollection Ad

00:48 – Intro Music

01:29 – Grandma was harassing her gay neighbors

02:58 – Lil Nas X drops from concert due to COVID

04:18 – Aluna Francis is organizing a dance music festival for 2022

05:20 – Anna’s Got a Word

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Family, this is your favorite Queer radio personality Anna DeShawn here with our Queer news from today.

Grandma was harrasing her gay neighbors until she forced them to move, Lil Nas X drops some jokes about having COVID & Aluna Francis is celebrating dance music while centering Black & LGBTQ folks role in the origination of the genre. 

Our leading story from today is about Elvira Baptiste, a 64-year old grandmother who harassed her gay neighbors so horribly they actually had to move. Family, Elvira was unrelenting for months on end. The first thing she did was yell “You stupid fucking queer” in response to them needing to pick up after their pup. Then she started playing offensive music really loud. One song she played was called “Boom Bye Bye” which discusses shooting gay men in the head. Yes people actually make that type of music. The gay couple couldn’t get her to stop playing the music so they had to call the police. She continually yelled slurs, let them know they were not wanted there and she hung homophoic posters in her windows. One of the posters read, “Wicked lives must burn in hell on judgment day.” This whole story is so mind-blowing. The gay couple filed charges against grandma and now she’s been sentenced to 16 weeks in prision. The judge said, “As a mother of ten and a grandmother of more than 20 children, I would expect you to understand the importance of people’s mental health and how to respect people.” We all know one thing doesn’t equate to the other and honestly I know jail is how we solve things but it sounds to me like she needs some LGBTQ training and understanding courses. When she gets out in 16 weeks would anything have actually changed? I doubt it. 

Well we’ve all seen the reports. COVID is on the rise and things are thick out here right now. Lil Nas X has not been exempt and recently told some jokes on twitter about it. After finding out that former President Obama had Montero on his favorite tracks playlist, Nas said “i started running around the house in excite ment when i saw this, then i remembered i have covid lol.” Nas also tweeted, “now that i’m sure i won’t die from covid i will now begin mildly funny jokes about having it.” Which makes it sound like he had a pretty tough go of it but is feeling better now. Then he said,  “i’m not sure whether i’ve had the omarion or alicia keys variant of covid but this has not been a fun journey.” All of these tweets have since been deleted. Due to his positive status he had to withdraw from the Capital FM “Jingle Bell” concert tour along with other celebs like Coldplay & Megan Thee Stallion.  Now, Lil Nas had a lot of jokes and sometimes that’s the best way to deal with this type of situation. Having COVID is a scary situation so take care of yourselves out here. I believe in the vaccination, wearing masks, and getting tested regularly. Stay safe for yourself & your family. 

Now our last story for today is about Aluna Francis and her mission to center dance music & honor the Black folks & LGBTQ folks who originated the genre. She’s fulfilling this mission by creating her own all-black festival called Noir Fever taking place in New Orleans from May 27-30, 2022. The festival plans to highlight some of the best in the genre while also celebrating Black & LGBTQ+ communities. Aluna said she has felt “practically invisible” despite her very significant contributions to music from white collaborators. She went on to say, “Over the years I’ve accepted my role as the black accessory to white people dance music, internally bowing and scraping for these opportunities with no acknowledgment for my contribution because I’m just used to it.” Lets just take a moment and take all that in. We are grateful Aluna is creating this space for BIPOC & QTPOC creatives. We deserve.

We will close out the way we always do, with a word of the day. Today’s word is to never never ever give up. When you think that’s all you’ve got left. When you are ready to wash your hands of it all. Hold on a little while longer for your breakthrough is coming. Till tomorrow, my family. Peace. 


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