Family, it’s your favorite queer radio personality Anna DeShawn here with another episode of our queer news podcast. Now this one is already a lot different, right? Absolutely. It’s gonna be unedited and I’m dropping an announcement that I want y’all to hear. And I have to say, thank you.

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Family, it’s your favorite queer radio personality Anna DeShawn here with another episode of our queer news podcast. Now this one is already a lot different, right? Absolutely. It’s gonna be unedited and I’m dropping an announcement that I want y’all to hear. And I have to say, thank you.

All right. We have a producer. Yay.  we have a producer. And if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you probably heard it started to sound a little bit different just a few weeks ago. Improved. I would say, I think it’s much improved. I can edit, but editors edit. Do you feel what I’m saying? And so I am so excited to announce that day is our new producer of the queer news podcast.

And that comes along with a big, big, thank you to the cute crew, the membership program that we started about a month or two ago to bring in money, to help us expand our capacity. I was a one person show in my office, right. And now we’re a two person show. . I’m still in my office, but they make me sound macing.

They have tapped into the essence of the podcast. And I think y’all can tell that. I think y’all can hear that. And I hope so. And I hope y’all can hear the difference over the last three weeks versus what I was doing. Right. Gosh, it is a blessing day is a blessing to this show. And so once again, thank you to all the Q crew.

Thank you to everyone. Thinking about joining the cute crew you can join for as little as $5 a month, you know, $60 a year. That’s the price of less than Starbucks I’d imagine. And the whole idea here is to expand our capacity, to grow the opportunities that we have to reach more folks to tell queer news to center our stories.

And we are doing that. We’re on our way. And so thank you so much day for everything. And what woke me up this morning and got me fired up for the day was that day edited together a reel for the podcast and it’s it’s needed because I was looking to submit the podcast of the black pod awards and they mandate and require that you have a.

And I hadn’t had one. I don’t have one until now until day. And so the end of this podcast is going to have that real and I hope that you all enjoy it. Okay. I wanna come to you all also and say, this is sort of the essence of the videos that I share. With the Q crew every Sunday, giving a recap of how I’m feeling about the top stories from the previous week.

It’s unedited. It is in video form versus audio, but for anyone who’s considering joining the Q crew, this is sort of the flavor of that. I just sort of speak from my heart and. This month has been very challenging. It’s been a tough month. It’s probably been the toughest month since I quit my corporate job in February of 2021, because I’ve gotten a lot of big nos, big nos that I thought would be yeses and my family on Facebook and my family and life, and has had to remind me.

The no’s are necessary, that the no’s are part of this process and that it makes the yeses even sweeter. And I have no doubt about that, but y’all already know when you’re going through it, when you’re going through it. It’s real, those no’s hurt. They are disappointing and they deserve to be mourned. Okay.

Cuz I worked hard  um, to submit those applications and to do the work required. Right. And. No’s hurt and that’s just facts. And so I will say that when I get that next, yes, it is gonna be a lot sweeter. It’s gonna hit me a lot different than a yes. Would’ve hit me three weeks ago, but I am working on sitting in all the gratitude because.

Even with the nose. There have been a lot of amazing opportunities this month. And I can’t wait to share them with you. I can’t say much about them right now, but there are some opportunities working and they are making my heart smile. And I, and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to actually share that information with you, but I can’t share this, that I’ve had some life giving conversations this month with cube podcasters.

So I set a lot. I set across a set aside, excuse me, a lot of time to. This month to talk to the podcasters, who’ve been accepted into the cube and y’all know the cube, you know, it’s the app that we’re building. It’s my brain child that we are bringing to life to amplify the amazing work of black indigenous people of color.

And queer trans people of color in the podcasting space, the app is coming and we’re so close. We are so, so close, but I’ve been talking to these cute podcasters and their conversations have given me so much life and energy this month when I needed it the most, when I was at my lowest moments this month.

They have filled me up and I’m so grateful. I’m also grateful this month we dropped our first exclusive interview, right, with Felicia D Henderson, who is the showrunner executive producer writer for first keel that is currently on Netflix. And so if you join the Q crew, you can watch that exclusive interview.

And I hope to have more exclusive interviews with folks alike. Um, Ms. Felicia D Henderson, who is absolutely. A powerhouse. Okay. A black woman in Hollywood doing her thing and she made time for us. Okay. And she made time for the queer news podcast. And I’m grateful for that. I also wanna share some things that we are gonna report on this week.

Right. And so, um, today Mark’s the hundred and 58th day that BG has been wrongfully detained. She’s back in court today is probably the 26th in Russia. So, um, July 26th, she’s back into court. So we’ll definitely have another update this week. I will also say, right, the New York post published an article that said that Trump is quote, unworthy to be chief executive again, which is a really big deal because that publication is owned by Rupert Murdoch and y’all know a lot of Republicans read that.

And so I do believe that the January 6th hearings are having an impact. Yeah. They are telling the story that we all need to hear. And it, and it plays out in, in a very real way and a very public place. And so that’s a big deal. So following that story, I’m also praying for everybody that’s being affected by the California wildfires.

The pictures are chilling and they give me chills and God bless the 2,500 firefighters that are down that are over there trying to save. Land. I mean, the fires have destroyed 15,000 acres of land since Friday y’all is Monday . Um, and people had to evacuate their homes. It’s just not something I’ve never had to deal with as a person who’s grown up in the Midwest and in Chicago.

Right. And stayed and lived out east for a little while. Wildfires is just not a thing in, in my world. And so I can’t even imagine. So if you’re a praying person, send up some prayers for those folks there and, oh, something that brought me so much joy yesterday, the black Panther to trailer is out and it is fire.

Oh, it is fire. So I put a link in the show note. So if you haven’t seen it, you can go watch it ASAP. I’m not trying to keep y’all too long. I just wanted to announce that we got a producer for the show. Who’s doing an amazing job. They is primarily editing at the moment. They also have written the scripts.

So we also are looking for a writer, someone who wants to write the scripts, who writing and sourcing stories brings you joy. It doesn’t bring day that much joy. It doesn’t bring me that much joy. We can do it, but to have someone do the work we’re sourcing stories and writing the scripts, bring them joy would make this podcast even better.

All right. But they is primarily editing and making this whole thing sound amazing and doing an amazing job. And I want y’all here is real. I hope y’all enjoy it. I’m excited about it. I , let’s go. Family seven minutes a day, family, five days a week. This is your favorite crew radio personality. And it’s gonna bring you daddy, family, family.

This is your favorite queer radio personality. Anna Deshaun with our friend news. For today, you caught up in traffic frustrated. So tune into E three to shift your vibrations and get elevated. Yay. Yeah. Yay. It’s your favorite queer radio personality. Anna Deshaun with our queer news for today? No, we ain’t worry about the mother stations.

Yeah. Now I wanna make you a promise. We will continue to bring you the latest in queer news culture and politics. Seven minutes a day, five days a week. So if you’re. Our intersectional take on the daily. Consider joining the cute crew. The cute crew is our monthly membership program. We started to help us grow the podcast with your help.

We can bring you more stories, celebrating our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and comrade communities. Now you’ve shown your support by tuning into this episode, and you can show your curiosity by clicking the link in the show notes, to learn more about the cue crew.

Family. This is Anna DeShawn, founder of E three radio, and I’m dropping by to say, happy pride, celebrate who you are. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Always remember that. Always remember that happy pride. And thank you for listening now for the news we have. Updates on the movement to bring BG home.

Brittany Griner has been wrongfully detained for 118 days. BG has been wrongfully detained for 132 days for 134 days, 138 days. Well, yesterday after four months of being detained, a Russian court scheduled Britney Grinder’s trial to start Friday, July 1st from the media coverage. We’ve. Brittany Griner has gone from being ignored to wrongfully detained, to essentially being a political prisoner.

That’s. If her story actually gets covered at all by mainstream media outlets, Brittany Grinder’s wife says she has zero trust. You hear me family, zero trust in the government to secure her wife’s release. Brittany who has been held in Russia since her arrest at a Moscow airport on allegations of attempted drug SMU.

Attended her preliminary hearing in person yesterday morning, BG has been wrongfully detained detain for 155 days. For those of you who may not have heard, there was a body found near lake Michigan in Evanston on Thursday, and it was identified as a lease on Saturday morning. I was hoping this wouldn’t be the story I was reporting, but this is in fact, our reality yesterday, a vigil took place to honor the life of El.

A daughter, a sister, a friend, and a fearless advocate for the trans community here in Chicago. To have known Elise is to know what kindness really is and how it can show up in the world. Monday kicked off trans week of visibility. Now trans week of visibility occurs annually the week of March 31st, which is the international transgender day of visibility.

This event was started in 2009 by Michigan based transgender activists, Rachel Crandle as a way to celebrate the transgender community in all. Diversity. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge the discrimination. Our trans fam faces as well every single day. So in that spirit, we will honor Elise as yesterday would have been her 32nd birthday.

It’s still really surreal that she’s no longer with us. And remember her family has a GoFundMe to raise money for her funeral expenses. I’ve included a link in the show notes in case you have a few dollars to co. I also wanna speak Tatiana’s name again today. I spoke about her on Friday’s podcast and her story was just not amplified the way it should have been.

She was dead named across the media, which made it even difficult for me to find her story. I hope they can find who murdered her, but so often they don’t Tatiana. We speak your name today. Now y’all know y’all’s in with a word. The word today is coming from Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. She said, if they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.

This is one of my favorite quotes. And she brought her folding chair to so many tables that didn’t want her present. She would stood numerous death threats and unending sexism on her journey so that we could have the opportunity to build our own tables. And my hope is that I’m accomplishing this with E three radio with what we’re building with the cube and everything else.

I can dream up in my imagination. Let us be the change family till tomorrow. Peace. This podcast is a production of E three radio, your number one queer radio station, playing queer music and reporting on queer news in high.

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