Jazz Jenning’s book “I am Jazz” is being banned across the country, Republicans seem to have time on their hands as 5 Republican senators demand warning label for TV shows with LGBTQ characters, and same-sex marriage plaintiff and activist Jim Obergefell is running for Ohio office.

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Family, you can already tell this is a bit different. I’m coming to you before this already well produced podcast because yesterday was a lot & I want ya’ll to know I have a special episode coming about Brittney Griner’s verdict. BG’s verdict was a punch in the gut at just how ruthless Russia really is. They have the leverage and they are using it. I started a special edition episode about the verdict but I need more time to process and read and listen. I have so much to say and there is so much being said and I want to include it all. So be on the lookout for a special episode this weekend. It will be full of commentary and rich reporting. I also want to acknowledge the wins yesterday too. Breonna Taylor’s family was finally seen and heard. The families of Sandy Hook were finally seen and heard. We remember them today. Now on to the episode that was originally produced for today. Talk to ya’ll this weekend. peace. 

Family, it’s your favorite queer radio personality Anna DeShawn with our queer news for today. Now, I want to make you a promise. We will continue to bring you the latest in queer news, culture, and politics: 7 minutes a day, 5 days a week. So, if you are digging our intersectional take on the daily, consider joining the QCrew.

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For our BG update, she has been wrongfully detained for 168 days. It is being reported that we will have a verdict by Friday. Brittney is facing up to ten years in a Russian prison. As you all know the U.S. has what they define as a “substantial proposal on the table” for Russia but we must wait till the court sentences her to see if Russia will take the trade. We will keep following the story and keep you all updated. 

In other news, Jazz Jenning’s book “I am Jazz” is being banned across the country, Republicans seem to have time on their hands as 5 Republican senators demand warning label for TV shows with LGBTQ characters, and same-sex marriage plaintiff and activist Jim Obergefell is running for Ohio office. Let’s go!

Our leading story for today is Trans TV personality and LGBT rights activist Jazz Jennings is speaking out against state legislators across the country who have banned her children’s book, “I am Jazz”. The book describes her experience finding her identity and attempts to explain to a young audience what being transgender means and to help them learn about their identity.

Her book was recently removed from Palm Beach classrooms and libraries under the Parental Rights in Education Bill or what we all know as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

It’s a clear discrimination act against a trans woman as the book continues to be banned from libraries nationwide. She’s also one of the youngest people to come out as trans as she said: “I was assigned male at birth. At age two, I expressed I knew I was a girl. At age five, I began my social transition. And today, despite living my life as a proud trans woman, my children’s book I Am Jazz is banned all over the country.”

This country and its legislators pride themselves in being inclusive but as Jazz said in a video posted by Gaye magazine, they ban books like hers for fear that the books will indoctrinate their kids into being LGBTQ (which of course it’s not true!).

We all know books like this to help guide the experience of a trans person and help families understand and support their kids or loved ones.

Speaking of legislators and their antics; five Republicans senators have written a letter to the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, demanding a warning label on shows that include LGBTQ characters. Senators Roger Marshall of Kansas, Mike Lee of Utah, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, and Steve Daines of Montana penned this outrageous letter to the board.

What they saying is that the mention of LGBTQ people makes the show “sexually-related content”, saying it’s meant for a mature audiences only. They are labeling anyone who is a supporter of LGBTQ rights a “groomer” in an attempt to paint gay and transgender people as child predators.

They also said in their letter that “To the detriment of children, gender dysphoria has become sensationalized in the popular media and television with radical activists and entertainment companies,” they also say it will “harm children and destabilize and damage parental rights.”

They don’t cite any shows but they mentioned Disney a lot because they are leveraging Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. Goodness knows they have time on their hands to come up with something as ridiculous as this.

I mean don’t they have better things to do with their time. There have to be real issues they need to focus on. There has to be. 

Now are ya’ll ready for some good news? Yes, me too. The man who made same-sex marriage rights legal nationally is running for office; that’s Jim Obergefell himself!

Yes, you heard me right! Jim Obergefell is moving from activism into a political run for office. His landmark case before the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide and he’s hoping to run on the message of equality for the Ohio Statehouse.

He’s unopposed in a primary race for a state legislative seat. He’s looking forward to a November faceoff against second-term Republican Rep. D.J. Swearingen. Obergefell believes that his message of inclusivity will reach moderate republicans and independents.

His run for office is coming at a sensitive time for the LGBTQ rights movement after the Supreme Court repealed the constitutional right to abortion, raising fears that other rights may also fall away, including same-sex marriage. So, I’m cheering him and his campaign on.

We need more inclusivity and more people from our community to represent and change the perception of LGBTQ+. It’s only true representation that increases true acceptance and understanding. 

So, let’s end the podcast with a word from my mastermind book. It is an affirmation that really blessed me. It says, I choose my focus. I choose faith. I choose peace. I choose love. That first part though, I choose my focus is big for me right now. There are lots of things going on around me everyday so staying focused is crucial especially when there are deadlines to meet. Choosing your focus also means saying “no” to lots of things that you really want to do because it isn’t going to serve your larger goals. So remember this affirmation today. Choose your focus. Choose faith. Choose peace. Choose love. So, till next time, peace!


Brittney Griner Russian trial verdict and sentence expected on Friday, per report


Jazz Jennings on her book being banned


Republican senators demand warning label for TV shows with LGBTQ characters-

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Same-sex marriage plaintiff Jim Obergefell runs for Ohio office


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