Queer News Goes Weekly: Choosing Quality & Consistency

Anna shares an unscripted message with you. She talks about why Queer News is going weekly and what you can expect. We are choosing quality over quantity while striving for the consistency you all deserve. 

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Family, it’s your favorite queer radio personality. Anna DeShawn here, and it has been a while. Yeah. I hope you all enjoyed our last episode. Change the pattern. It was a culmination of my travels over the last few months, and it’s the beginning of a storytelling series that I’ll be producing and curating alongside some amazing people about Black HIV in the South.

And how did we get here? That’s actually the name of the series that’s gonna drop on World AIDS Day, and I’m excited to bring it to you. So I, I hope, truly hope that you enjoyed the change the pattern episode. And if you haven’t heard it, Please go back and take a listen. Now this , now this episode is really me giving y’all some updates.

I didn’t write a script. I don’t have words in front of me. This is just me talking to y’all on the Queer News podcast feed. You feel me? So we’ve been quite inconsistent over the last few months, and here’s the deal. I’ve been going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. In the beginning, I was doing everything right.

It would literally take me easily four and a half, five hours a day to put out that seven minutes worth of content, and that’s just unsustainable. Now I’m clear that my big vision for Queer News is that it is daily, that it is what it was in the. But I’m also very clear that I can’t do that alone. As a matter of fact, I need a whole team to make it a sustainable situation.

So we started off, Go big, go home, . Now I’m clear. I wanna scale back. And be a consistent source of queer news for y’all in a way that is manageable, in a way that is sustainable. Because one, once we brought day on and they took the production quality to another level, I just couldn’t go back. And so I really am choosing quality over quantity, and I hope that y’all will continue the journey with me with that in mind.

So the goal now is to drop. Queer News on Monday mornings by 7:00 AM Chicago time. So we’re gonna transition into being a weekly show, and on Mondays you’ll get a recap of top stories from the previous week, and then I will foreshadow anything that’s coming big for the upcoming week, right? Any stories that I can see.

Yeah, any source that I can see coming up. And so that’s what I wanna give y’all from my perspective, from my take. I, I think that’s why y’all tune in and what I wanna do for sure is be consistent. And so Mondays 7:00 AM Chicago time. You will have a new podcast in the queue in your library inside your favorite podcast listening app, and you will see us so.

The first episode, the first episode will drop, uh, the first Monday in November. So November 7th. November 7th Family will be the first episode of our new weekly Queer News  podcast, with the goal of getting to the place where we’ve got a. And by a team y’all. I mean someone who does the research, someone that does the writing, someone that does the producing, and then someone who does the editing.

Because I can voice all day . But the other things are really tough and then it’s also somebody to market it. We could do all that stuff and y’all still not know us ex it exists. Right. So that’s what we’re doing. That’s where we’re going. I wanna say thank you for continuing to tune into this feed. We’re gonna, we’re gonna pick.

In November and, and be consistent. That’s so important in this game is to be consistent. I want y’all to be looking for us on Monday mornings to get your queer news, and so that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. I just want to come on here and say, I love y’all to say this is what we about to do, to say we’re pivoting, to say we’re doing this to be more sustainable.

Because clearly there’s a need and I believe we are here to feel it, and I believe we can and I can, and I believe we could do it really well too. So thank you. Continue to look out for me on TikTok, and my goal is to get to 20,000 followers before the end of the year. Okay. So I’m, I’m working towards that goal.

I’m about to be crazy active on TikTok. Uh, keep following the reals. I hope you enjoyed the LGBTQ history series and partnership with the Legacy Project. I hope that you all really, really enjoyed, uh, those videos. I had a, I got joy out of making them and.  and that’s it. So till next week, fam, peace.

Queer News Goes Weekly: Choosing Quality & Consistency

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