Do you check in on your relationships? In this week’s episode, Trystan Reese (he/him) shares about his days of being a drag king and how he’s been performing as a man since he was a kid. Learn about some of the practices he’s adopted to check in with his colleagues so that they’re in a continuous feedback loop, including addressing power dynamics and microaggressions. We also discuss a bit of what it’s like to be trainers and consultants and the work that goes into it, including figuring out our boundaries and doing the work to know how to facilitate conversations. Trystan talks about how moved he was by Alok’s talk on the podcast Man Enough and how well they were able to articulate thoughts that have been circling in his own mind. Some self-reflection:

1. What does being a man mean to me, whether or not I am one?
2. Do I know any men who have been or are pregnant?
3. Have I ever reported something on social media? What happened?
4. Which lenses do I view the world in?
5. Are there any resentments I’ve been carrying?
6. When’s the last time I checked in on my relationships?

Resources, references, and full transcripts for each episode are available at Host Chris Angel (they/them) has a background in LGBTQ+ education, community organizing, and social work. Guest episodes feature at least one allyship tip, including tailored questions given their unique intersecting identities. Please consider following where you listen to podcasts! Keep the conversation going on Instagram @GenderSexualityInfo

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