From comes a new compelling podcast about 24-year-old Alana Chen who disappeared from Boulder, Colorado in 2019. She left behind two dozen journals chronicling a deep faith, her love of the outdoors, and her dream of becoming a nun. Alana also kept a secret, one that put her dream at risk. Listen to the first episode of @dearalanapod on our feed.

Family, welcome to our feed swap friday. This swap is with Tenderfoot TV’s latest podcast called Dear Alana. Let me tell you a bit about the story. 

When Alana Chen died at the age of 24 in Boulder, she left behind two dozen journals chronicling a deep faith, love of fashion, and passion to become a nun. She also harbored a secret. At 14, she confessed to her priest that she was attracted to women. That priest convinced her not to tell her parents, and for seven years, Alana covertly sought pastoral counsel and conversion therapy. After being hospitalized for depression, she ended her life in 2019. 

When Simon Kent Fung learned of her story, he reached out to her family to offer comfort. His own life was shockingly similar: he too sought out conversion therapy for nearly a decade in his efforts to become a priest. As he discovers more about Alana’s brief life and their overlapping experiences, he’s compelled to understand the truth of what happened to her—and finally face what happened to him.

In this first episode Simon travels to Boulder to meet Alana’s mother Joyce, and becomes determined to help her understand what happened to Alana. 

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