This week on the Queer News podcast Anna DeShawn reports our Navajo Nation fam might soon see a change in their tribal laws to legalize same-sex marriage. Angelica Ross calls Hollywood out for its transphobia. The BeyHive came to the rescue of a queer fan who almost missed the show because his wheelchair didn’t fit on the plane. Let’s go!

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7:01 – The Navajo Nation may legalize same-sex marriage

8:26 – Angelica Ross calls out Hollywood for it’s transphobia

10:21 – The BeyHive comes to the rescue

12:29 – Anna’s Word

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Now for the news. Saturday was Bisexuality visibility day & I want all my bi fam to know I see y’all. According to the 2022 Pew Research Center there are more bi identifying folks than any other alphabet at 62%. So we see y’all & being bi is real. Our Navajo fam might soon see a change in their tribal laws all same-sex marriage. Angelica Ross calls Hollywood out for its transphobia. The BeyHive came to the rescue of a queer fan who almost missed the show because his wheelchair didn’t fit on the plane. Let’s go! 

In political news, our Navajo siblings might have same sex marriage rights we all have today. So I didn’t realize that the Navajo tribe, one of the largest tribes in the country, made same sex marriage illegal in 2005. So even though the state recognizes your marriage your tribe doesn’t. And what we know is that your tribe is your identity and being recognized on your land is so important. The legislation would allow Navajo Nation citizens to get marriage licenses through the tribe and require the tribal government to recognize same-sex marriage licenses from states. The legislation is going for a vote next week and then to the tribal council. If it passes, it will head to the full tribal council’s 24 delegates in the fall session, which begins in October. 

In culture & entertainment news, Angelica Ross has been trending for calling out Hollywood for its transphobia. On IG Live she told a couple stories about her experience on the American Horror Story set where Emma Roberts said a couple of transphobic things. First, when the director was talking to her & Angelica. The director said come on ladies & Emma said don’t you mean “lady”. Yea that happened. In another incident Angelica was singing and Emma impersonated her but took her voice down two octaves. After going public Emma called Angelica to apologize which we can all respect but chile’. 

And then our last story for today is a feel good story. I want y’all to meet John. John is a fan of Beyonce. Okay. And he has been waiting 25 years to make it to a Beyonce concert. Now the thing is, John is differently abled. And when he showed up to get on a plane from Oregon to Seattle to go see Beyonce, his wheelchair was four inches too wide to actually fit on the plane.

Y’all, he waited in line for the tickets. You know, he bought his airline flight. He had his hotel booked and his wheelchair was too wide to get on the plane. He took to social media, the Beyhive went to work, and do you know what happened? They tagged Beyonce and her team over a thousand times, got their attention, and they made it happen.

They got him on a flight that could accommodate his needs. And he ended up at the concert to see Beyoncé and to see Renaissance. Tina Knowles even stopped by to speak and greet John and take a picture. And John took to social media and he said this, For the past, for Marsha. James and Bayard, for the present, for O’Shea, for those who are becoming in a time that has yet to exist.

We partied, we sang, we danced hard. Bayha, you made this happen. You pushed and tagged like the internet has never seen. Tonight, for the first time ever, I had a seat on the floor for a concert. Welcome to the Renaissance. John, I hope you had the time of your life and Bayha. God, thank you for going to work on his behalf.

He is the biggest queer fan. And I know that’s probably really hard to say because I know it’s a lot of us out there, but y’all made it happen for John. John, I really do hope you had the time of your life.

Y’all know I always end the pod with a word because Anna’s always got a word. And my word for today is kindness. That story about John just warmed my heart because sometimes we get so inundated with all of the bad things happening in the world and we hear all the negative news and that’s what gets reverberated and echoed in all of these social media chambers.

But let me tell you, the kindness. of human beings happens every single day. It goes unreported. Sometimes it goes unseen. Sometimes people don’t even want you to know that they are being kind. Right? But the kindness of people can go so far. So, I challenge you this week. Do something kind for somebody.

Nothing that needs to be posted anywhere. Nothing that anyone else needs to know about but you and that person. And maybe that other person doesn’t even know it was you. But practice kindness, and I promise you, that kindness will come right back at you. Till next week, family. Peace.


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