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Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

Tune-in LIVE every Thursday at 8p.m. CT/ 6pm PT/ 9pm ET

Anna DeShawn & the QCrew (Queer Crew) bring authentically-edgy conversation on current topics affecting queer people of color around the country. They bring dynamic guests, engaging conversation, and the hottest independent music.

Anna & Brandee have been a duo for over 6 years. They’ve chatted it up with the best of them. Want to be a guest? Send us a note.

Check out this episode when Pyramid Seven joined The QCrew to talk about their gender positive underwear. Oh & we celebrated Anna’s birthday too with a studio audience #love

Tune-IN All Day Everyday

The 90’s at 9am – Everyday

Giving you the best of the 90’s

Queer Music Blackout at 12pm – Everyday

Playing the dopest queer artists from across the country

Chicago’s Finest at 5pm – Everyday

Chicago standup. Showcasing the best Chicago has to offer

The Quiet Storm at 9pm – Everyday

Sexy music for all the lovers

Praise & Worship at 10am – Every Sunday

Listen to God through the music

Good Music All The Time. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

*All times are in Chicago Time.
*All programs are one hour in length 

6 thoughts on “Our Live Shows”

  1. I am thankful to know Angie. I absolutely love GROWING with Angie when she is online…keep focus on your mission!!! I love you my dear friend!

  2. I hardly ever get the opportunity to listen live any more, but I never miss a show because of the archive. Angie Harvey is truly a jewel whose value grows expeditiously with every show. She provides a resourceful tool through her cyberspace safe places to help grown people grow beyond their limitations. Thank you for all you do.

  3. If you’re looking for REAL talk, REAL growth, with a REAL woman, Conversations with Angie Harvey on e3radio is where you want to tune your ears and mind. Angie ‘keeps it real’ by touching on topics only whispered between the closest of intimate friends. Her delivery style is truly unique and witty, while still handing you the message you need to hear on a platinum platter you feel comfortable being served on. There are times when Conversations with Angie Harvey ‘strikes a nerve’ and you feel she’s speaking directly to you…well, she is, so join the conversation!

    Peace and Oms,

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