The QCrew kicks off every year with E3 Radio’s own GROWTHologist Angie Harvey. This year we kicked off the year talking about purging everything we want to let go. What we grew to  understand by the end of the show is that most of what we want to purge is actually inside of each of us. WELL.

Be prepared to be empowered, educated and challenged by some stimulating conversation. Get your family, friends and partners together; this is growing to be a conversation to remember.

Angie is bringing the knowledge of Dr. Phil, the charisma of Oprah, the humor of Wanda Sykes and the comfort of your BFF with her NEW show “Conversations with Angie Harvey”. This exciting and empowering program takes on the personal and professional challenges as well as the triumphs of everyday people. We discuss and debate a wide range of topics from relationships and personal growth to challenges in the work place and spirituality.

The 2018 Purge! Kicking of 2018 with Angie Harvey joining Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

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