Launching Today! The E3 LineUp

Tune-IN All Day Everyday

We are launching today, January 15, 2018 on Dr. King’s bornday. We will be playing some of his speeches and revolutionary music. We are not your ordinary radio station. We are a network. We are bringing different people to your listening ear. We aren’t just one musical genre. What we are is E3 which stands for educate, enlighten, and entertain. We plan on doing just that.

The 90’s at 9am – Everyday

Giving you the best of the 90’s

Queer Music Blackout at 12pm – Everyday

Playing the dopest queer artists from across the country

Chicago’s Finest at 5pm – Everyday

Chicago standup. Showcasing the best Chicago has to offer

The Quiet Storm at 10pm – Everyday

Sexy music for all the lovers

Praise & Worship at 10am – Every Sunday

Listen to God through the music


Good Music All The Time. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

*All times are in Chicago Time.
*All programs are one hour in length 

Tune-IN To Our Live Shows

Conversations with Angie Harvey

Helping grown folks grow up

Anna DeShawn & The QCrew

All things queer, black, and lovely

Launching Today! The E3 LineUp

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