Anna’s Got a Word, Ep. 2- I Believe in Miracles

This is episode two of Anna DeShawn’s alog. During this episode Anna talks about the next phase of E3 Radio and what it means to be miracle minded.



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What’s good, good people. This is your girl Anna DeShawn & thank you for tuning in to episode 2 of #annasgotaword. A lot has happened since the last time we connected. The government was shut down, Oprah told people “Time’s Up”, Mary J got a star on the walk of fame, one of our Chicago sheros Jackie Anderson made her earthly transition, Affinity Community Services here in Chicago hosted its annual Burning Bowl event with over 200 Black LGBTQ folks & [sound effect] we launched E3 Radio 24/7/365.

I mean we really did it frfr (for real for real) & it feels surreal. I’ve always been the one that believed the hype. Stuff like dreams come true if you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you never give up. Well here we are in week 2 of being live 24/7/365 and I’m living one of my dreams right now.

And before I say another word I have to give thanks for my bff, my partner in good crime only and the Curator of Music for E3, Jace. [sound effect] Have you ever been in alignment with someone before? Like you’re thinking something & then you get a text from them. Or you jump on the phone and y’all want to talk about the same exact things. Yea that’s how it is & grateful just doesn’t seem to sum it up at all. Aight enough of that mushy stuff.

My focus for the year is all about being intentional. Whatever move I choose to make is backed by a plan, lots of thought & conversation. We are going to take E3 to another level. This means reaching more people, covering more artists, expanding into different cities.

One of my affirmations from this week said “Miracles will happen to me today because I am miracle minded”. Y’all know I read this like 10x & I posted it rite. Let me tell you. A week ago one of my friends got shot. Def not an uncommon situation here in the Chi but this was a really unexpected situation. He walked away with a bullet in the leg and that’s the only major physical injury. He is a walking, living, breathing miracle. I believe miracles happen everyday and I desire to be added to the miracle roll.

I truly believe we can make this thing grow. I believe we can breathe life into it and it will bless everyone along the way. We are Queer Radio Done Right. I’ve battled with this tagline over the years but at the end of the day it’s exactly what she is. Queering Radio out means intentionally playing Queer artists in higher rotation. It means dropping Queer knowledge throughout the day. It means being true to every aspect of who we are. We live at the intersections and we are bringing all of this to the network. If we remain true to who we are and who we are serving we’ve already won.

Miracles will happen to me today because I am miracle minded. Try it for yourself. What’s the worst that could happen. A miracle.

And this is the second edition of #annasgotaword. I hope ya’ll will continue to tune-in. I’m releasing these now every other Sunday in hopes that I will actually be consistent with this. Till next time. peace.

[Hey hey, outro song]

Anna’s Got a Word, Ep. 2- I Believe in Miracles

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