For the LOVE of POSE

Have you been watching? If not, why not?!

The ball scene was originally depicted in the legendary documentary Paris is Burning. Paris is Burning broke the ground. Really opened the eyes of folks that didn’t know this  world existed. Now Pose is telling the story for a new generation. Reminding us how devastating and awful HIV/AIDS  was in the 80’s. Reminding us what survival looks like when your family turns their backs on you. Reminding us how beautiful & precious chosen families are in the queer community.

Janet Mock is telling the stories. Much respect to her for writing & producing this series and hiring Trans actors to depict themselves. Last week’s episode, “Love Is the Message” (July 8), was directed by Mock, which makes her the first-ever trans woman of color to write and direct a television episode. How DOPE is that! 

When does Season 2 start again?!

Till next time. #AnnasGotAWord

Anna DeShawn
@AnnaDeShawn on IG & Twitter

For the LOVE of POSE

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