Mom goes viral for the perfect response to her son coming out, Kid Cudi expresses his love for Kurt Cobain again & Target’s Brown-skinned Nutcracker is lit – Wednesday, November 17, 2021

A mom went viral on Twitter when she shared the coming out note from her trans son. Kid Cudi arrives at the CFDA Fashion Awards in an all white wedding dress, a veil, and lace gloves. You know the people were mad. Target drops a brown-skilled gay nutcracker in stores and it sells out before anyone had a chance.

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It’s Transgender Awareness Week. Now this week is observed from November 13th to November 19th, and its a one-week celebration leading up to Transgender Day of Remembrance, which memorializes victims of transphobic violence. Well today I report on some good news and it does my heart good when I can report positively about our trans siblings. A tweet went viral this week when a mom shared the coming out note her son left for her. It was put together like a ransom note where all the letters were cut out of magazines and it read, “Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of your very own son.” Now the really special part of all of this was mom’s reply. She called him up and said, “the *only* thing that’s wrong with this is the ‘r’ you accidentally left out of congratulations.” If that is not the perfect mom response I don’t know what is and she went on to say, “There is nothing my kids could do to lose my support and unconditional love,” she continued in another tweet that included the heart emoji this time. “My prayer for each of them is that they live life as their authentic selves, without compromise. My teen is figuring things out and I support him 100%, because God created both of my babies perfectly.” So Twitter went wild and moms began sharing their children’s coming out stories. So many of them had letters and drawings too. Coming out is a hallmark moment on the journey of being Queer and when you have the love & support of your parents it provides stability & comfort where others find abandonment & grief. God bless this mom and the example she is setting for others. 

Speaking of examples, Kid Cudi has done it again. Another tribute to Kurt Cobain has set the web on fire when he recently attended the CFDA Fashion Awards in an all white wedding dress with a veil and everything. He didn’t stop there either, he rocked white laced gloves too & was escorted by the designer Eli Russell of ERL. They went on to hold hands for pictures at the event too. Child, the transphobic and misogynistic trolls came to tell Cudi all about it but so did his supporters. I find it refreshing to see a straight cis man have the courage to step out in so called feminine attire. With that said, I don’t think he’s here making a complete political statement. I think it has a lot more to do with his love for Kurt Cobain than anything else but it still sends a beautiful message to just be who you are. I did love this quote from Munroe Bergdorf on Instagram where she said: “As fab as it is to see cisgender straight men embracing femininity through fashion and all that it symbolises, let’s remember that they also won’t face nearly as much hatred or the physical danger that visibly queer folk will when they do the exact same thing. She goes on to say, “We can celebrate everyone’s expression and creativity, but we need to bear in mind that where some are applauded, others are literally being heckled and scared to leave the house because of transphobic and homophobic violence.” Family, nothing but facts there. 

Our last story for today is about this fab Brown skinned Gay nutcraker Target has going this year. OMG. Have ya’ll seen it? Well probably not because it is sold out everywhere. It didn’t take them long to roll it out either and it’s nowhere to be found. Target has been a long time supporter of the LGBTQ community and they stock Queer merch all year round. Let’s be clear: inclusivity is a good thing to do but it’s also good business. This nutcracker is adorned in bling, gold bracelets, a rainbow top hat, pink hair, and holding the more inclusive pride flag. It’s a nice welcome addition to Christmas decor for sure.

Now our word of the day because ya’ll know I have always a word is brought to us by Kid Cudi himself. Be yourself. Be free baby. Yea. That’s truly all you can be so why waste your time trying to be something else. Be someone else. You are beautifully & perfectly made & don’t let anyone tell you any different. Till tomorrow family, peace.


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Mom goes viral for the perfect response to her son coming out, Kid Cudi expresses his love for Kurt Cobain again & Target’s Brown-skinned Nutcracker is lit – Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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