The International Olympics committee & Trans rights, Trans affirming trucks are rolling through Texas & Happy Birthday Rupaul! – Thursday, November 18, 2021

The International Olympics committee got their new Transgender framework right, Trucks reading positive messages for our Trans sibilings is making its way around Texas & Happy birthday Ru!

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The International Olympics committee got it right this time. Months back during the Olympics I reported on the women of Namibian who were disqualified due to their testosterone levels being higher than the Olympic mandates. They were literally disqualified from competition. A competition they train for their entire lives that only happens every 4 years. It was insane. At that time the Olympic committee said they could take drugs to lower their natural  testosterone which is odd for an organization that prides itself against doping in any way but I digress. Like I said, they got it right with their new guidelines for transgender participation in elite sports. They have thrown out the framework that included the hormone level requirements. The guidelines also include mandates; one for example reads that no athlete should undergo invasive testing so others can figure out their sex or gender identity. The IOC recognizes that they can’t determine eligibility for individual sports but they hope to be a catalyst and guide for how they should proceed. The IOC said that this approach should be “grounded on the respect for internationally recognized human rights.” I love it. 

In a statement, trans Canadian Olympic soccer star Quinn called the new framework “groundbreaking,” saying that it “reflects what we know to be true – that athletes like me and my peers participate in sports without any inherent advantage, and that our humanity deserves to be respected.” Absolutely. Drop the mic. 

Now if you were in Texas around the capitol this week you may have seen these dope trucks driving around with positive messages about our trans fam. It’s Trans awareness week and they figured this was the best way to spread their message. One truck says, “Trans Lives are Precious” the other says “Protect Trans Youth” and the last one promotes the wonderful organization leading this initiative, Folx Health. I love the creativity and the impact it will have for not only politicians but for the community on a whole. We need more of this family. More creativity. More amplification. Especially in a state like Texas that has passed anti-trans legislation this year and where the teen suicide line is taking more calls than ever before okay, Gov. Abbott is on a mission. So way to go Folx Health. I’m here for it. 

Last but certainly not least, we are a day late but not a dollar short on wishing the living legend himself Rupaul a happy happy bearthday. 61 looks good on you & we are sure you didn’t f*ck it up.  

Now my word of the day says “Whether you think you can or think you can’t. You are right.” Your thoughts will impact every action you make as you move throughout the world. The mind is incredibly powerful so you must feed it positive affirmations and encouragement. You have to believe in yourself more than anyone else. Whatever you’re thinking will manifest itself into the world, so affirm the positive so only good can come your way. Till tomorrow family, peace. 


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International Olympic Committee releases “groundbreaking” new framework for trans athletes

Trucks are driving around in Texas with huge signs that declare “Trans lives are precious”

The International Olympics committee & Trans rights, Trans affirming trucks are rolling through Texas & Happy Birthday Rupaul! – Thursday, November 18, 2021

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