Rep. Ayanna Pressley read the names of the 46 Trans folks murdered  this year on the House floor. A doctor refused to give a lesbian woman a hysterctomy in case she leaves her wife, finds a husband, and wants to have child. WTF?! Young M.A. & Halle Berry got the interwebs on fire with their steamy exchanges.

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Saturday was Transgender Day of Remembrance. It’s an important & terribly sad day on the Queer calendar. Honoring those we’ve lost over the last year means we take  time for reflection and to speak their names. Lots of gatherings happened around the country where family could support each other. It is a beautiful thing. Rep. Ayanna Pressley took to the house floor and read the names of the 46 known transgender & gender non-conforming fam who were murdered this year. She said in her speech, “The cruelty of transphobia is a threat that we must confront and root out wherever it exists, whether in music or television or in the hallowed halls of the nation’s capital,” that part was for some of her colleagues. Check. She went on to say, “There is no place for hatred because someone is brave enough to show up exactly as they are and to live their truth.” According to HRC, this is the deadliest year on record for our transgender sibilings. Which of course is not just happenstance or a coincidence. It comes at a time where the most anti-trans & anti-lgbtq legislation has been introduced & passed in state legislatures across the country. We are also living in a time where anti-trans rhetoric is amplified not just inside the walls of the state legislature but in the media as well; i.e. the Dave Chappelle comedy special and the subsequent social media diatribe of hate and misinformation. If you haven’t seen my response to Dave Chappelle, definitely go check out my TikTok. 

Family, this next story triggered so many of my buttons. Rachel Champ, an out lesbian woman in Ireland went to the doctor to discuss having a hysterectomy as her cycle has caused her chronic pain since she was 10. She’s had two surgeries, taken various medicines and nothing has helped. The women listening know the struggle is real. Well, she attended this visit with her wife and the doctor refused to provide her this surgery. He told her she was too young, at 27, to make that decision and that she may regret it. Rachel explained that her & her wife had decided to adopt so that wouldn’t be an issue. Well the doctor doubled down and told her he wouldn’t perform the procedure on the off chance she leaves her partner, turned straight, marries a man and that man wants to have children. What in the entire bleep?! Rachel went to Twitter to air her frustrations which led to lots of other women sharing very similar stories. I wish men would stop policing women’s bodies and their decisions. You don’t have a say here. You don’t have a right. Whew, deep breaths Anna. Deep breaths. 

Our last story for today is sparked by two of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Young M.A. and Halle Berry. *singing* Halle Berry. Halle Berry. *end singing* The interwebs went all wild after seeing an usie video of the two of them hugged up, cheezing, and Young M.A. saying, “Oh my gosh” a lot and Halle Berry replying, “That’s my baby, right here”. This was followed by a clip from the interview they did on the recently released Netflix film Bruised where Ms. Berry had her directorial debut. She of course starred in it too and Young M.A. is one of the stars on the soundtrack. Now that is the real story here. Have you seen the trailer for Bruised? It looks like a dope film and it dropped on the 19th. I mean seeing them blush and gush is hella cute but this film looks worth the watch. 

Aight fam it’s time for my word of the day. Ya’ll know Anna’s got a word. The word today is that every mistake you make is progress. If you make a mistake that typically means you’re attempting to move forward and that’s what you want to do. You want to fall forward and then you pick yourself back up, learn from the mistake and keep it pushing. There is no time to waste. That’s why every mistake you make is progress. Till tomorrow family, peace. 


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