How can you support Trans organizations as Trans Awareness Week comes to a close? Well we’ve got a couple of suggestions. In Florida, a white woman actually called the cops on a Gay novel. Not a human being. A book. Saucy Santana is set to turn up at the upcoming Atlanta Hawks Pride Night.

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As you know tomorrow is Transgender Day of Rememberance. I’ve been reporting on Trans Awareness week and it all culminates tomorrow where we remember our Trans siblings who lost their lives this year. According to HRC, 2021 has been the deadliest year on record for our Trans fam. I must say the increase is not just happenstance or a coincidence. It comes at a time where the most anti-trans & anti-lgbtq legislation has been introduced & passed in state legislatures across the country. We are also living in a time where anti-trans rhetoric is amplified not just inside the walls of the state legislature but in the media as well; i.e. the Dave Chappelle comedy special and the subsequent social media diatribe of hate and misinformation. Now if you haven’t seen my response to the Dave Chappelle comedy special check it out on TikTok

I was reading in PinkNews that according to the National Center for Health Statistics, the annual murder rate for Americans aged between 15 and 34 is about one in 12,000. For Black trans women in the exact same age group, the rate rockets to one in 2,600, an investigation by Mic found. That stat blows my mind so if you’re wondering how you can support our Trans fam tomorrow LGBTQ Nation has published a list of events taking place to honor those we’ve lost. Visit LGBTQ Nation for the list. Also think about making a donation to your local LGBTQ center or Trans organization  serving the needs of our Trans fam. I believe in the 3 T’s; time, treasure, and talent. Give what you can, when you can, because all of it makes a difference. 

Now, have you heard about the book “All Boys Aren’t Blue” by George M. Johnson? It’s a memoir manifesto of George’s life growing up living at the intersections of being Black & Queer. It was released last year and has received rave reviews from the Queers around the country. Which means it’s also been targeted by right wing conservatives at the same exact time. The book has been banned from libraries in at least eight states across the country and it’s clearly been added as another pawn in the conservative right wing agenda. Well most recently in Flagler County, FL, Jill Woolbright aka a Karen, actually called the police on the book. Yes you heard me rite. How is that even a thing? What are the cops supposed to do about a book? George said in response to hearing this, “White people often feel the police are their personal concierge service against Black people so I’m not shocked [Woolbright] has tried to criminalize me and my work,.” Well, she literally filed a criminal complaint citing the libraries were distributing “obscene” material. It seems the “obscene” content was referring to George speaking to his early sexual experiences as well as the homophobia and racism he faced growing up. Two of the books were in high school libraries and one was in a grammar school. She went on to say, “Some child could be disturbed to read a book that they’re not ready for.” Disturbed, really?! There isn’t any way they could be enlightened or encouraged or maybe even seen. I love George’s response to all of this, he says, “Everyone is making it seem like my book is what is introducing their children to these heavy topics – the world is what is introducing your children to these heavy topics,” they told WESH. “My book is giving your children the language to know how to discuss these topics and […] a road map to know how to deal with these things.” Now that’s the part that really scares them. They fear what they choose not to understand and that fear leads to complete and utter hatred and ugliness. All in all in these moments we should boost the book sales and remind these right wing conservatives that we aren’t going anywhere and neither is this book. All Boys Aren’t Blue has evolved into a film as well so I can’t wait for it to start screening in a school near you and you and all the Karen’s too. 

Our last story for today is about Saucy Santana. He’s one of my fav new artists on the scene. Ya’ll know his track, let me see you walk walk walk walk. We play it on the station in high rotation and if you don’t know, go to youtube and find out for yourself and then download his music. Well it was just announced that he will be performing at the Atlanta Hawks Annual Pride Night game on November 20th. So dope. So happy for him. I know he’s going to rock it. 

It’s time for Anna’s word of the day. The word for today is “Think Big! You are capable of more than you know.” This one hits close to home as I am planning for 2022 and thinking about our company goals and what we want to accomplish. Goals should feel like an attainable stretch. They shouldn’t feel comfortable and you know why, because you are capable of more than you know. How does the saying go, Shoot for the moon and you’ll land on some stars or something like that. Family, if you don’t think and dream big you will sell yourself short & who’s got time for that. Family, it’s been a beautiful week. Till Monday. Peace.


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