The Proud Boys show up at a pride-themed story time at a library in Texas and are met by counter-protesters who love the gays. The “Don’t Say Gay” state had the largest pride parade in its history and Disney is getting ready for its first open-gay teen romance. Let’s go. 

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For today’s top stories I talk about the Proud Boys showing up at a pride-themed story time at a library in Texas and they are met by counter-protesters who love the gays. The “Don’t Say Gay” state had the largest pride parade in its history and Disney is getting ready for its first openly-gay teen romance. Let’s go. 

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It’s our last day of Pride. I hope this month has been good to you. It’s been amazing for us. I’ve been booked and busy and blessed. We will keep this momentum going for the rest of the year. 

Our first story today is giving a big shout out to the LGBTQ counter protesters who sheilded families going to attend a special Pride-themed family story time event at a Texas library. You heard me right. The Proud Boys showed up in their black & yellow outfits ready to harass anyone looking to attend story time but they were met by counter protests. Protesters who drowned out their hatred and created a shield to help block them from view. The pro-LGBTQ protesters totally outnumbered the Proud Boys and made a true stand against their hate. These right-wing extremists have been popping up all over the place and we have to stand up against them. It’s the only way. 

Then in Florida they clocked in the largest Pride march ever in the state. St. Petersburg is reporting that 300,000 people showed up to say “We Gay” loud and proud. It was the 20th anniversary for this pride parade and after two years off due to COVID the gays were ready, okay. Chants of “We say gay” and “bans off our bodies” could be heard all around. In the face of 90-degree heat, humidity, and protesters family came from miles around to celebrate being out and proud. I love to see it. 

And you know what else I love to see. Disney trying to get back on our good side after its CEO refused to speak ill of the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. Recently, they put back a same-sex kiss from the new Lightyear movie after Disney-Pixar wrote an open letter straight up giving it to Disney for watering down their movie. Now because of this kiss the movie is now banned in 14 countries. This time its in an upcoming animated film “Strange World” where they will feature the fist openly gay teen romance. Representation matters and we aren’t going anywhere. We are part of the very fabric of this country and our stories deserve to be told and shown. 

To close out I want to share more from my trip to San Francisco to cover the 35th anniversary of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. This time I’d like you to hear from Gert McMullin whose known as the Mother of the AIDS Quilt. She was there day one 35 years ago and she has sown the quilt together one panel at a time. I asked her what keeps her going after all these years. Hear what she has to say and think about the ways you can find and give yourself some peace. Till tomorrow family, Peace.


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