Our hearts are in Colorado Springs where 5 LGBTQ patrons lost their lives in a mass shooting & we honor our trans siblings we’ve lost this year – Monday, November 21, 2022

Now for the news. Today marks the 276th day Brittney Griner has been wrongfully detained. Another mass shooting has left the LGBTQ community devastated while we honor our trans fam on Trans Day of Resilience. Let’s go!

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Now for the news. Today marks the 276th day Brittney Griner has been wrongfully detained. Another mass shooting has left the LGBTQ community devastated while we honor our trans fam on Trans Day of Resilience. Let’s go!

So today I thought I was gonna be talking about trans day of resilience and I thought I’d be talking about the respect for marriage act and you know the L word Premier, Beyoncé getting 9 Grammy nods, Wakanda forever at #1 and if you didn’t also hear Democrat Karen Bass became the first female mayor of Los Angeles. I mean there’s been some major wins all around and at the intersections of all my identities. And yet here we are today having to give time to another mass shooting. This time in Colorado Springs, this time it was club Q and this time five people have lost their lives and 25 are injured. Like when is enough enough. When will politicians stop taking NRA money and really think about the impact the use of guns are having in our communities. It’s simply ignorance that keeps us from making meaningful change in this country. Yes, people pull the triggers but people are products of their environments. So if you can’t control or fix or improve an individuals environment than we must control the tools they are using to harm others. Others who have done them no harm at all. So let’s get into what I know so far.

We know the gunman is 22 years old and his name is Anderson Lee Aldrich. I think this is incredibly important because for some reason we continue to think that these gun men are old white men. We have these ideas in our head that racism is in old peoples notion but racism and homophobia and transphobia and antisemitism these are all learned behaviors. These ideas are things that are taught and if we aren’t teaching our children differently this will not be the last mass shooting but let me digress. 

They say that when he entered the building he started shooting right away. No one even had a moment to think. A moment to move differently. He just immediately opened fire. People inside the club and in the area started calling the police and they report receiving numerous 911 calls that started around 11:56 PM. The police were dispatched at 11:57pm and arrived at 12:02am. So much happened in those 6 minutes. 5 people were killed. 25 were injured. And two heroic patrons disarmed the gunman, took his gun and hit him on the head. They literally saved lives. 

Now let’s talk about club Q. Club Q opened in 2002 yeah 20 years ago and it was the only LGBTQ club in Colorado Springsuntil recently. Like this was the spot. Honestly this isn’t surprising. I live in the city of Chicago and there are only a handful of LGBTQ bars here in this big city. And what I found is that this is pretty normal across the country. And so Club Q was the spot and that was no secret it was known as a safe haven for so many. They have all types of events, drag shows, and celebrations. I mean they had created a community and now this tragedy has landed at their doorsteps. 

It’s all so heartbreaking for these families and this community. If we aren’t safe in our clubs I’m telling you right now we are not safe at all.

And all of this is happening as we close out Transgender Awareness Week with Trans Day of Resislence. This is a day to mourn and commemorate the lives of the vibrant, beloved transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people lost to violence and suicide in the past year. The date marks the birthday of Rita Hester, a Black transgender woman who was murdered in 1998. Gwendolyn Ann Smith, a transgender advocate, started TDOR in honor of her friend.  

Although we will never know how many trans, nonbinary, and non-conforming individuals have been murdered, because many hate crimes are not reported, we take this moment to remember 70 of those names we do know here in the U.S.A.

Royal Poetical Starz Trans Flag_heart El Cho Trans Flag_heart Mel Robert GrovesTrans Flag_heart Tayda Lebón

Keeva Scatter Trans Flag_heart Jessi Hart Trans Flag_heart Jo Acker Trans Flag_heart Joey Spencer (“JoJo”) 

Rikkey Outumuro (“Tru Starlet”) Trans Flag_heart Jenny De Leon Trans Flag_heart Marquiisha Lawrence

Danyale Johnson Trans Flag_heart Angel Naira Trans Flag_heart Haley Gabriella Feldmann Trans Flag_heart Nikai David

Martina Caldera Trans Flag_heart Za’niyah Williams Trans Flag_heart Ke’Yahonna Ston

Amelia Furniss Leonhart Trans Flag_heart Nikki Turrietta Trans Flag_heart Amarey Lej (Myara)

Duval Princess Trans Flag_heart Destinee Lashaee Trans Flag_heart Matthew Angelo Spampinato Trans Flag_heart Naomie Skinner

Cypress Ramos Trans Flag_heart Paloma Vazquez Trans Flag_heart Brent Wood Trans Flag_heart Milo Winslow

Kathryn Newhouse Trans Flag_heart Elise Malary Trans Flag_heart Tatiana Labelle (“Tee Tee”)

 Quinn Mowrer Gustin Trans Flag_heart Kesha Webster Trans Flag_heart Kai Khan Trans Flag_heart Miia Love Parker

Ariyanna Mitchell Trans Flag_heart Fern Feather Trans Flag_heart Ace Scott Trans Flag_heart Kenna Leigh Gillock

Asher Garcia Trans Flag_heart Ray Muscat Trans Flag_heart Ruby Taverner Trans Flag_heart Michelle S Tarrio

Sasha Mason Trans Flag_heart Nedra Sequence Morris (“Sequence”) Trans Flag_heart Maddie Hoffman

Maddie Dickens Trans Flag_heart DeeDee Hall Trans Flag_heart Chanelika Y’Ella Dior Hemingway (“Sid”)

Rexy Que Trans Flag_heart Paris Rich Trans Flag_heart Brazil Johnson Trans Flag_heart Shawmayné McClam

Kitty Monroe Trans Flag_heart Cherry Bush Trans Flag_heart Jasper Aaron Lynch Trans Flag_heart Jimmie “Jay” Lee

Martasia Richmond Trans Flag_heart Toi Davis Trans Flag_heart Keshia Chanel Geter

Hayden Nevah Davis Trans Flag_heart Kamila Marie Swann (“Dee Dee”, “Kandii Redd”)

Marisela CastroTrans Flag_heart Kimbella Kimble Trans Flag_heart Acey D. Morrison Trans Flag_heart Dede Ricks 

Regina Allen (“Mya”) Trans Flag_heart Semaj Sincere Billingslea Trans Flag_heart Serena Brenneman

We speak your names today. 

As we close I want y’all to love on those who love you. We are in the midst of holiday season and its not an easy time for many. Show kindness. Give grace. Hug  on the ones you love okay. Till next week, peace. 


Gunman kills 5 at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs before patrons confront and stop him, police say


What we know about Anderson Lee Aldrich, the alleged Colorado Springs Club Q shooter


Trans Awareness Month

Our hearts are in Colorado Springs where 5 LGBTQ patrons lost their lives in a mass shooting & we honor our trans siblings we’ve lost this year – Monday, November 21, 2022

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