In this episode of the Queer News podcast marks the end to our summer interview series. We’ve had a great eight weeks of interviews with Nadine Smith, Ken Mejia-Beal, The Authentic Selves book crew, Samiya Bashir, Wyn Starks, and Brandon Wolf. Anna DeShawn thanks the 45 new subscribers to the QCrew, drops 5 rapid fire queer news stories and encourages you to push through that tough moment because you’ve got this. 

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Family, it’s your favorite queer radio personality Anna DeShawn and this is Queer News. This week I’m gearing up to come back but I’m not ready just yet. Sunday was our editors birthday. That’s right this pod is a total Virgo situation. So let’s all say Happy Birthday to Xperience J. My birthday one week and hers is the next so we decided to take a little break. I say little because I didn’t want to miss a week on your feed but I needed to change it up. Last week I played our Change the Pattern episode which I really hope you enjoyed. This week I’m going to rapid fire some queer news stories you know about it. 

But before we get into the stories I have to say THANK YOU to all my people who join the QCrew over the last two weeks. The campaign was a great success and we’ve gained 45 new Queer News subscribers to the podcast. Thank you Pat, SSCH, Brian, mimi, Susan, Theresa, Feicia, Bianca, Theresa, Nzinga, CC, Brad, Alexandra, Emily, Maureen, Jamie, Sy, Gaylon, Tracy, Michael, Caronina, Johndalyn, Crystal, Shelly, Paula, Lona, Randy, Amber, Kathy, Jasmine, Vernice, Dominic, Tiffany, Maia, Angela, Shirley, Donte, Nikki, Yhane, Kyla, Amy, Kelly, Elsie, Krystal, and Tresalyn. Thank you. 

Your recurring monthly support of the The QCrew helps to support the Queer News podcast by supplementing the costs; podcast hosting, editing, marketing, travel, etc. If you believe in the work we do. If you believe LGBTQ stories need to be amplified. If you love and respect how I report on the news and tell our stories join the QCrew. A link is in the show notes. 

Family, The Qube is still on tour! The Qube is my podcast production company creating podcasts to celebrate the Black & Brown Queer community. Do you live in Minneapolis? Meet us outside! Our activation is taking place September 9th in collab with Matriarch Digital Media. Get your ticket today. The Qube’s immersive listening experience has been making its way across the country and the people have really been loving it. This past week we were in Denver and held two activations. They were amazing. We listen to the Qube’s podcast trailers and then talk about our experiences with that topic. It’s been such an enriching experience. Get your ticket today. You already know a link is in the show notes. 

Now lets get into these queer news headlines. 

Laura Ann Carleton, known for being a fierce LGBTQ comrade, was murdered in California’s San Bernardino mountains outside of her own business after refusing to take down a pride flag. It’s been reported that the pride flag had been removed more than once in the two years she owned the shop & from everything I’ve read she was a pillar of the community and beloved by so many. 

In Boston, they are no longer requiring folks to register their sex or gender identity on their marriage licenses. If you want to you can but if you don’t you don’t have too. Boston has a new gender awareness initiative where they are looking at all city services that collect gender data and examining where it’s necessary and where its not. This moment is because of that work. Dope. 

Now in Brazil their Supreme Federal Court has ruled 9-1 that homophobic speech is the same as racist hate speech. But they didn’t stop there. They went on to say that homophobic speech can be punished with prison time. I fundamentally understand but ewe also know prison doesn’t cure homophobia rite? But I appreciate the zero tolerance. We need more of that. More countries saying this isn’t tolerated here. 

Y’all know Indeed, the site where you go to find a job. Well if you work for Indeed and identify as trans they are offering $10,000 to relocate if you live in a state with anti-trans laws. Since the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas we already know why this is a concern for their employees. Gov. Abbott is just as terrifying as DeSantis. He’s just not running for President. 

The Bayard Rustin trailer has dropped. Netflix released it on the same day as the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington, how fitting. Colman Domingo is playing Bayard and I honestly cannot wait to see it. Rustin deserves all of his flowers and I hope this film continues to cement his legacy. 

Finally, last night during the Renaissance LA stop the Diana Ross surprised the queen B herself, Beyonce, with a birthday song. She got on stage looking fabulous and Beyonce couldn’t stop smiling. Also, how has she not aged. Like what! 

I hope y’all have enjoyed this rapid fire queer news episode and this marks the end of our summer interview series. I had an amazing time interviewing Nadine Smith, Ken Mejia-Beal, The Authentic Selves book, Samiya Bashir, Wyn Starks, and Brandon Wolf. I am looking to continue doing interviews once a month or so. I enjoy talking with us and listenership only went up so I think y’all enjoyed it too. 

Now I have to always close with a word and my word today is push. I have lots of dreams and desires for my life. That’s the first step but that dream doesn’t make anything happen. It gives me a spark but it is action that makes things happen. The energy it takes to act just isn’t there all the time. Now sometimes I’m called to rest sure but sometimes the call is to push through and do what needs to be done. As we begin to knock on fall’s door and the holidays are quickly approaching. This is a time to push through and remember what intentions we set back in Jan. This is when so much of that comes together. Till next week, peace.  


Laura Ann Carleton, a California Shop Owner, Was Killed Over Her Store’s Pride Flag

Boston passes historic rule that lets people marry… without gender

Homophobic slurs now punishable with prison sentences in Brazil, High Court rules

Official Trailer for ‘Rustin’ Releases, Starring Colman Domingo and Directed by George C. Wolfe

Indeed is offering trans employees $10k to relocate to a safer state

Diana Ross Sings Happy Birthday to Beyoncé During Surprise Appearance at Los Angeles Tour Stop

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