A Black trans woman is murdered in Milwaukee, the National Hockey League bans pride night and two trans women will be competing in the Miss Universe pageant – October 16, 20023

This week on the Queer News podcast Anna DeShawn speaks Chyna Long’s name today. She was a Black transwoman who was murdered in Milwaukee. Kalvinn Garcia pleaded guilty to committing a federal hate crime against a Seattle gay bar. The NHL has banned pride nights and two transgender women will be competing in the Miss Universe pageant. Let’s go!

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4:12 – A Black trans woman is murdered in Milwaukee

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10:38 – The National Hockey League bans pride night 

12:45 – Two trans women will be competing in the Miss Universe pageant

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Calvin Garcia pleaded guilty to committing a federal hate crime against a Seattle gay bar. The NHL has banned Pride Nights. Mm hmm. And two trans women will be competing in the Miss Universe pageant. Let’s go.

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Check. Family, our first story today is rather sad and heartbreaking. We speak Chyna Long’s name today. I came across this story on TikTok. I’m just doing what I do. I’m I’m scrolling through and I see a black man crying, weeping on camera and it just instantly made me stop. And I began to read the caption and I won’t read what it said verbatim because He misgenders her, but we know family dynamics are hard, but he says basically that they’ve killed his child and I begin to read the caption and he writes, they out here targeting transgender and gay people and my heart just, my heart just aches for him because he’s grieving, publicly grieving the loss of his child.

And so I go to Google and I begin to learn about Chyna Long. Chyna was a 31 year old black trans woman from Milwaukee, but had been living in Chicago for about the last eight years. She was home reconnecting with her family. and friends. And all we know right now is that she was found murdered at around 7 45 in the morning.

They do have a suspect in custody, a 29 year old man, but because no charges have been filed, they won’t release his name or any other information at this time. Her family held a visual for her to remember her. And they just talk about how she was unapologetic. They talk about how much joy she brought to everybody’s life.

How she could dance and she would teach people how to dance. And just how she was loving who she was. Her father, Jonathan, said this, As a father, I wish I would have asked more questions. I should have been close. Even though I know she knows I accepted her lifestyle, I feel like I could have done more.

Ugh. We’ve heard this before, haven’t we? A parent’s regret around not knowing how to fully embrace their child. My heart goes out to Chyna’s family, to those that loved her, to those that knew her. And if you’re able, they’ve started a GoFundMe to help supplement costs. And I’ve included that link in the show notes.

China Long, we speak your name today.

Family, our next story is coming out of Seattle, Washington. And I found this story on the Bay Area Reporter. Have you ever heard of the Bay Area Reporter? Well, it’s one of my many sources. that I use to find stories for the Queer News Podcast. The Bay Area Reporter has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area LGBTQ community since 1971.

Well, they’ve been reporting about this story, and let me tell you about it. Three years ago, Calvin Garcia, who was 26 at the time, pled guilty to one count of committing a federal hate crime. He admits going into the alleyway behind Queer Bar, that’s the name of the nightclub, And setting fire to contents inside of a dumpster in hopes of actually setting fire to the bar.

He admits that seeing a sign that said queer made him really upset. He says, I think it’s wrong that we have a bunch of queers in our society. He actually said this to a stranger. This is what he said. He said, I set fire because I wanted to trap and hurt people. Tessa Gorman, the acting United States attorney for the Western District of Washington said this.

Mr. Garcia endangered the lives of more than a hundred people because of his hatred for members of our LGBTQI plus community. We work diligently with our federal state and local partners to investigate and prosecute acts of hatred against people because of their sexuality or gender identity. This work is a priority because the effort of these hate crimes can linger in communities and traumatize the members of the targeted community for weeks, months, or years after.

Tessa, you could not be more right. This scares the mess out of me that someone can see the word queer and say, I’m going to set this dumpster on fire so that I can trap and hurt people. Well, three years later, family, he’s now been sentenced to four years in prison. For committing a federal hate crime.

I’m always so conflicted with these stories because I don’t think jail is going to fix his hate and what happens after he gets out, does this happen again? Family, the world we’re living in right now is pretty scary. And I want y’all to. Stay safe out there. Okay. All right. Now that was a lot, right? Yes. So I think this is a good time for us to take a little break, take a breather and we get back.

I got some more culture and entertainment news. All right. So just stay close.

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Now in sports news, I want to talk about the NHL today. The National Hockey League. I don’t think I have ever reported about the National Hockey League on this podcast. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But today, it is not a good thing. All major sports teams do themed nights. Breast Cancer Awareness, Hispanic Heritage Month, Pride Nights.

Well, Pride Nights have been quite controversial lately, haven’t they? Mm hmm. Well, it seems last year, the NHL received a handful of complaints from players who did not want to participate in the Pride Night. Well, instead of just allowing those players to not participate, they’ve opted for a sweeping ban against on ice themed night gear.

Yeah. They sent a memo out to all 32 teams saying that there’s a new guidance barring any on ice uniform or gear using warm ups. from including any theme night celebration. So let me just give y’all an idea what this could look like for the National Hockey League. This can look like players not being able to wear rainbow sweaters or use multicolored tape on their hockey sticks.

During pride night. And these were ways in which they showed their support of the LGBTQ community. And because these handful of players didn’t want to now, no one can make it make sense out sports. Another one of my sources has called this new NHL. Directive, quote, the most stifling, anti LGBTQ policy any pro sports league in North America has ever issued.

Yo, I think that’s a designation you really don’t want. We’ll see if there’s any pushback from people who are actually in the NHL, but if you’ve been listening to this podcast, you know that this has been a trend. A handful of people have a problem, and then their problem now affects everybody else.

Something really has to change about this, don’t you think?

For our last story today in Culture and Entertainment, I’m going to end on an up note, okay? Because it’s been a little bit of a tough week. In positive news, for the Miss Universe pageant this year, there will be two transgender women competing, and I am so proud of them. Congratulations Marina, out of Portugal, and Rikki, out of the Netherlands.

Marina became the first transgender woman to win Miss Portugal just last week, which gets her into the Miss Universe contest later this year. She’s a flight attendant and she thanked her supporters for being positive and empowering. Rikki is 22 and she became the first trans woman to be crowned Miss Netherlands.

And I love what she had to say. She said, yes, I’m trans and I want to share my story, but I’m also Rikki. And that’s what matters to me. Yes, let them know. You’re more than just your identity, okay? Now, she experienced a lot of hate speech online, and she said she’s just ignoring it for now and just trying to focus on the good.

That’s right, Rikki. Focus on what’s good. You are good. I am so excited for them. The Miss Universe pageant will take place on November 18th. And so, if it’s your thing, make sure to tune in, okay? Congratulations, Marina and Rikki.

Family, it’s time for the word of the day. Anna’s word for today is visualize. I want you to visualize the desires of your heart. Really see them. Walk through the moment. Talk about the feelings you have in that moment. Be there. You have to be able to see it in order for your mind to really believe it’s possible.

When I wake up in the morning and go into my prayer corner, one part of my practice is to visualize. How my day is going to go as an entrepreneur, quite literally, my day has the ability to go all off the rails. I have truly released control that I know what is going to happen in my day. All I know is what I would like to see.

What I do manifest for myself is the day moving along with ease as I transition from meeting to meeting. I see divine interactions that are a blessing to me and all those I interact with throughout my day. I see smiling faces and I see joy. This is a practice. I also use visualization to see what I want in my future.

I love my vision boards because of its extra enforcement. So, begin seeing yourself exactly where you want to be. And if you truly believe it. And focus on it daily, it will absolutely become your reality as we are sitting in queue for and about to close out this year, which is still mind blowing to say, I would love for you to revisit the goals that you set back in January and see if you have manifested and visualize what you wanted your year to be.

And if not, guess what? Guess what? If you listen to this podcast, you got another opportunity to get it right. I love y’all.

If you enjoyed what you heard, rate and review us inside your favorite podcasting app. This podcast is written and produced by me, Anna Deshawn. Podcast editing by Experience J of Just Listen Media. And brought to you by E3 Radio, your number one queer radio station playing queer music and reporting on queer news in high rotation.


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A Black trans woman is murdered in Milwaukee, the National Hockey League bans pride night and two trans women will be competing in the Miss Universe pageant – October 16, 20023

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