The Life Lab: Mega Minds Building Mega Bodies empowers listeners be the best version of themselves through physical fitness and mental fitness on their individual path to achieving greatness. Co-hosts Jace and Lex examine the mind-body connection in live coaching sessions that pinpoint problems and strategies to overcome barriers that promote self care and positive change.

Jace is a personal trainer and nutrition coach who loves seeing the internal transformation that comes from people taking their health and well being to the next level. Lex is a life and creative coach who loves supporting people to be their best, most authentic selves and live the life of their dreams.  Together they dig deep into the experiment of life, where you are the secret ingredient.

Special Guest: Shira Hissan

Shira Hissan began working as an activist and with non profits as a young person 18 years ago. 

She has focused on the experiences of girls, boys, transgender and queer youth involved in the sex trade and street economy since 1995. Using organizing and popular education as tools, Shira has lived and worked in Chicago and New York City helping young people start their own non profits and lead social justice work. She has trained and spoken nationally on the sex trade, harm reduction, self injury, group work and healing & transformative justice. She received her Masters in Social Work from New York University in 2002.


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