QCrew, I went to San Francisco’s largest display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt for its 35th anniversary because of your support, Rebel Wilson and David Archuleta celebrate Pride Month by coming out on their socials, & Saucy Santana calls Blue “nappy headed” in 2014 and twitter ain’t having it in 2022.

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Family, this is your favorite queer radio personality Anna DeShawn with our queer news for today. Now, if you enjoy what you hear please consider joining the QCrew. The QCrew is our monthly membership program we just launched to help us grow the podcast. With your support, I’m able to bring on a producer, an editor, and travel around the country to tell our stories. If you’re down with it check the link in the show notes for more information. Now for the news. 

It’s been 35 years since the first panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt were stitched together. I went to San Francisco to honor the stories of action and remembrance. Rebel Wilson and David Archuletta celebrate Pride Month by coming out on their socials. Saucy is in the hot seat over resurfaced tweets insulting Blue Ivy’s hair.

So family, we made a commitment to share the number of days our sister Brittney Griner has been wrongfully detained until she is returned home. Today is day 115. We cannot forget. Let’s keep the pressure on our elected officials to bring Brittney home. We speak her name today. Bring BG home because we are BG. 

Our leading story for today is all about San Francisco and the 35th anniversary of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. This weekend the QCrew funded me to travel to San Francisco to cover this historic occasion. This was  the largest display of the AIDS memorial quilt in San Francisco’s history. Since 1987, folks have been gathering through the tradition of quilt-making. This year marked the 35 year anniversary and it was incredible to witness the magnitude of the display. Each quilt was handmade by someone who knew or loved the person they were memorializing. We have lost so many of our LGBTQ comrades to AIDS. Each panel quilt is 6×3 roughly the size of a coffin, telling a story of remembrance through art and words. I met so many incredible people who shared some amazing stories. I’m still downloading all of the footage because while in the Bay my rental car was broken into and my computer stolen. I’m okay though and we pressed on. But with all that said I can’t wait to share the stories with you. They were life changing. 

Yall its pride month! And, folks all across the country have been stepping into their truth for this month’s pride celebration. Do you all remember the starry eyed 16 year old American Idol contestant that made his debut on the show’s 7th season? David Archuleta went from having vocal nodules to almost winning his season. After being thrusted into the public, some folks began to speculate about his sexuality. Last year, the singer came out as bisexual. In a recent facebook post, David said “I wasn’t afraid anymore of who all of me meant. Even if that meant I liked guys. I didn’t have a plan to come out during pride month.” He now identifies as queer because it reflects more of who he is and hopes to become. We love to see it! 

We have another family member to welcome into the LGBTQ fam, Rebel Wilson. You know, the Australian actress that made Pitch Perfect the musical comedy that it is. Rebel posted a photo to Instagram on Thursday of her and her girlfriend Ramona Agruma snuggled together and smiling. The caption read “I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess,” adding the hashtag ‘#loveislove.’

In entertainment news, the material girl himself, Saucy Santana, is going viral on twitter not for his newly released single featuring Latto, but his resurfaced tweets that clearly insults Beyoncé and the singer’s daughter, Blue Ivy. In the tweets, Saucy called a then Baby Blue Ivy “nappy headed” claiming he preferred Kim Kardashian’s North West. CHILE! The gay rapper said he was “broke and miserable” when he made the remarks, taking little to no accountability for his harsh words and making it clear he will not be apologizing to Blue or ‘woke’ twitter. It’s not new for black men to demean Black women to crack a joke, but it hits different in 2022 especially when a kid is involved. Lets do better. We all we got.

Let’s close out with our word for today. Today’s word is a quote from George M. Johnson that says, “Many of us are still here. Still living and waiting for our stories to be told—to tell them ourselves. We are the living that have always been here but have been erased.” Your story has value. You just have to be bold enough to share. Till tomorrow family, peace.


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