Gloria Allen dies at 76, BG pre-trial detention extended, & white supremacists planning to disrupt pride arrested – Thursday, June 16, 2022

Mama Gloria Allen, a legend in Chicago’s trans community, passed away Monday, June 13th. In today’s episode, we honor her legacy. Brittney Griner’s pre-trial detention extended until July 2. & Idaho police arrested a group of white supremacists affiliated with  Patriot Front for conspiracy to riot at a Pride event on Saturday.

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02:13 – Gloria Allan the subject of the film Mama Gloria dies at 76. Watch the film at

03:17 – Brittney Griner has spent 118 days wrongfully detained. Yesterday, a Russian court added 18 days to her pre-trial detention.

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04:22 – White supremacists affiliated with Patriot Front planning to disrupt Idaho pride event, arrested.

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Chicago’s very own transgender icon Gloria Allen aka ‘Mama Gloria’ dies at 76 years old. In today’s episode, we celebrate her beautiful legacy. Brittney Grinner has been wrongfully detained for 118 days. Yesterday news broke that a Russian court has extended Brittneys pre-trial detention for another 18 days. & A truck full of white supremacists in riot gear was intercepted a couple blocks away from an Idaho Pride event. Now, luckily the group was arrested but it’s just another reminder of what we’re up against this Pride Month.

Family, we have some sad news to bring you today. Trans legend and elder herself, Gloria Allen has died at the age of 76. Gloria transitioned in the 60s, well before the stonewall riots, and she was well known for her role in mentoring LGBT youth on Chicago’s south side. In her 60s, Gloria opened a charm school where she taught manners and communication skills. She invested into the young people she worked with so much that many looked up to her as their mother. That’s how she got the nickname Mama Gloria: the mother of Chicago’s trans community. Gloria is the subject of the GLAAD Award-nominated documentary, Mama Gloria, now streaming on PBS. I’m dropping the link in the show notes because there’s so much we can learn from her story. Check it out, family.

We have been following the Brittney Griner case closely. Brittney has been wrongfully detained for 118 days (That’s more than 3 months!!) and we just learned she will remain in custody through at least July 2nd. In a recent update from Russian officials, a court has extended her detention for another 18 days “at the request of the investigation”. This is yet another set-back in the fight to bring Brittney home. But don’t lose faith. We will continue to call out injustice and fight for what’s right. Bring Brittney home because we are BG.

For our final story, authorities have detained dozens of members tied to the white nationalist group Patriot Front on their way to disrupt a Pride Event in Idaho on Saturday. Footage from the scene showed a group of men dressed in clothing associated with the white nationalist group, Patriot Front, kneeling in the grass with their hands zip-tied behind their backs, next to the Uhaul truck the 31 Individuals traveled in. The group’s founder, Thomas Rousseau, was among those arrested. & believe it or not, only one of the men was from Idaho; the rest were residents of at least 11 other states, Politico reported, including Washington, Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming. 

Family, as we try to live our best life and turn up at the many Pride events this year, remember that stories like this are still happening around us. It’s so important that we keep everyone safe. We are up against a wave of hatred that is not new but has a fresh resolve. In times like this, our unity and strength will meet the moment. So be visible and be proud because that’s what makes us so powerful.

Let’s close out with a word for today. Today’s word is a quote from Mama Gloria herself that says, “they would always question me about [my] charm. I picked that up at home and I said, “Well since you want to be this way, get out there and meet people, greet people, have fun with them and talk with them.” And some of them listened and some of them didn’t, but I had a good time.” Rest in peace Mama Gloria. Your spirit and the light you gave to this world will be missed. Till tomorrow family, peace.


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Gloria Allen dies at 76, BG pre-trial detention extended, & white supremacists planning to disrupt pride arrested – Thursday, June 16, 2022

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